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    4 Ways to Promote Your Financial Advisory Instagram Page For Free

    In our previous blog, we shared the five key benefits of Instagram for financial advisory firms and explained the importance of embracing the platform to grow your brand, business, and client base. Today, we’ll take you through various ways to promote your financial advisory firm’s Instagram page.

    Before getting into the nitty gritty, begin with this check-list to ensure your account is set up for success.

    ✅  Register as a Business Account: Make sure that your Instagram account is set up as a business profile rather than a personal profile. The business profile will provide you with analytics and performance metrics to help you understand the progress of your account and your content.

    ✅  Complete Your Profile: Double-check to ensure you have a relevant logo, eye-catching imagery, an accurate description of your business in the bio section, and contact information.

    Now that you’ve checked the basics, let’s dive in.

    Tip #1. Cross-Promote Your Instagram Account

    Your marketing strategy should include more than just your Instagram page. Ensure that you link to your Instagram page throughout your other media channels and landing pages to help drive traffic, and vice versa.

    For example, if you send weekly newsletters, you can include a link to your Instagram page at the bottom of the newsletter to encourage your clients to follow along. In addition, you can link out to your Instagram page from your website or LinkedIn page to further promote brand awareness and increase engagement with your existing client base.

    Tip #2. Utilize Your Existing Network to Promote Your Account

    Using your existing network of colleagues, family, friends, and business partners to help promote your Instagram account will help build a sense of community around your brand that will boost your relationships and engagement with others.

    Be sure to prioritize genuine engagement over all else. Use this opportunity to build trust and rapport with your growing following and strengthen your relationship with your audience. When you comment on another Instagram account’s post, be sure to provide insightful and valuable feedback that will encourage others outside of your network to turn to your page for financial advice.

    Tip #3. Create Valuable Content to Promote Your Instagram Page

    Don’t just post a video or photo for the sake of posting. Ensure that your content’s message is valuable and worthwhile. When in doubt, ask yourself, is this attracting my ideal client?

    Some examples of valuable content include helpful posts that share useful financial advice, reviews of relevant products, or thoughtful long-form posts with key bullet points to showcase research you’ve done on a particular topic.

    Be sure to post captivating, high-quality images or video to gain your audience’s attention, and always strive to post content that is thoughtfully branded with your firm’s color scheme and fonts. After all, if your audience shares your content within their own circles, you want to ensure that it’s evident that the content came from your firm.

    Tip #4. Use All of Instagram Features

    Instagram has no shortage of unique features, including reels, stories, highlights, IGTV, and guides to utilize in the promotion of your financial services. By using all of Instagram’s features, you can rest easy knowing that you’re creating a form of content for everyone. One person may not like watching stories, but they may love reading helpful guides. Furthermore, the Instagram algorithm tends to favor accounts that take advantage of the platform’s many features, putting you in good standing.

    Once you’ve gotten comfortable posting images, try switching it up by posting a reel. Instagram stories is another great feature to incorporate into your day-to-day. A general rule of thumb is to post on Instagram stories every 24 hours to keep your brand on top of your audience’s minds at all times. Posting on Instagram stories is usually less formal than in-feed posts, and you can share behind-the-scenes footage or candid shots that users will be more likely to identify with. While stories only stay live for 24 hours, you can then share them to your “highlights” section, which will remain on your Instagram profile forever.

    The Takeaway

    Financial advisors should not ignore the impact that a strategic Instagram plan can have on your business. Utilize the knowledge you’ve gained from this article to set your Instagram page up for success to reach more prospects, increase brand awareness, and promote your services.

    Need help incorporating Instagram into your strategy? Beyond AUM can help! Reach out to our team to learn how we can weave social media into your overall marketing plan.