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    30 Tips for Today’s Financial Advisor: Tip 8

    Financial planners understand the importance of developing a strong, well-thought-out plan, given that they do it every day for their clients.

    But financial planners also understand that they need to build in room for flexibility. Clients might face challenging and unexpected circumstances in their lives, such as losing a family member, getting laid off, or going through a divorce.

    You, too, should build flexibility into your life. So much is uncertain as we deal with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. The only way we’ll get through this crisis is by accepting uncertainty and allowing ourselves to be flexible in our professional and personal lives.


    Today’s Tip: Planning Is Important, But So Is Flexibility

    Tip #8: Plans are essential, but it’s okay to let them change and evolve. To generate synergy within your team, stay open-minded, communicate well, and actively brainstorm new solutions to old problems together.

    There are so many benefits of being flexible in your organization — it makes your company more competitive, improves team building, improves productivity, and decreases turnover costs.

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