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    30 Tips for Today’s Financial Advisor: Tip 14

    When’s the last time you did something for yourself? As Cara Maksimow, a licensed clinical social worker and owner of Maximize Wellness Counseling, says on Headspace, many people connect the term “self-care” with being selfish. But being selfish implies that we are doing things that make us happier or better at the expense of others — and that is not the case. “The belief that if we take care of ourselves we are not taking care of others is false because if we are not healthy and happy, our ability to care for others is diminished,” she says.

    In fact, researchers have found that treating yourself makes you feel less exhausted.

    “Remember that self-care and care for others are not mutually exclusive and that you can and deserve to be happy and healthy, just like everyone else,” Maksimow says on Headspace.

    When we take care of ourselves first, we are better at work, in our personal lives, and in all the other areas we care about.


    Today’s Tip: Put Yourself First Before You Take Care of Others

    Tip #14: You are always more effective when you are your healthiest and happiest self, so take some time to do something for YOU today.

    What are your favorite “self-care” strategies? Let us know!