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    How to Boost Digital Engagement and Why It Matters

    By now, it’s widely accepted that financial advisors and RIA firms should have an active digital presence. From building brand awareness to showcasing your services to prospective clients, the internet is an invaluable tool.

    However, there’s another layer to the digital space as well. We live in an age where everyone seems to be competing for likes and views — something seemingly intangible. But is it?

    As a financial advisor, your end game likely isn’t to become a digital influencer. Yes, it’s nice to see that people are liking and commenting on your Facebook post or retweeting a blog your shared, but at the end of the day, what really matters is gaining and retaining clients. That said, digital engagement is more valuable than you might realize. Based on existing algorithms, it’s evident that the internet tends to favor digital content that is more highly engaged with. For example, if you create an Instagram post and the Instagram algorithm detects users are ‘liking’ it and engaging at higher rates, the algorithm will in turn prioritize your post and show it to more people. The more people see your post, the higher the chance that they will click on your profile, your website, or even your Calendly link to schedule an introductory phone call.

    So, how can you achieve higher engagement and boost your chances of clients finding you in the digital sphere? Here are a few suggestions.

    Create Useful Content

    While it may sound like a no-brainer, the first tip is to create content that clients and prospects will find useful. It may be tempting to generate content for the sake of content, but in this case, quality certainly trumps quantity. After all, a client is going to be much more likely to save, comment on, or ‘like’ a post that they find informative. Before you share content, think to yourself, does this post provide value? Focus on writing blog posts that are tied to current financial events. Create social media posts that share “how-to” tips. Post informative videos that break complex topics into digestible pieces.

    Ask Questions

    One of the simplest ways to encourage digital interaction is by starting a conversation. Let’s say you wrote an informative blog about long-term care insurance. Although the blog is chock full of useful information and may lead clients and prospects to think about long-term care, the chances that the post will start a digital conversation are slim. On the other hand, what if you turned it into a conversation starter? Perhaps instead of an information-dense post, you share a client’s story (with permission or anonymity of course) and use this real-life scenario to set a more relatable tone. At the end of the post, you might ask readers to share their own stories or share advice that they have learned from their own personal experiences. If you share a link to the post on social media, craft a lead-in that asks a question or encourages engagement. Ask, and you may just receive.

    Take Advantage of Your COIs

    While it can be uncomfortable to self-promote, it’s important for financial advisors to tap into their existing networks to boost digital engagement. And as the world’s largest professional network on the internet, LinkedIn is a great place to start. We’re willing to bet that you already have a LinkedIn profile and are connected to current coworkers, previous colleagues, and other connections from various walks of your professional life. One simple way to boost your firm’s engagement is by inviting LinkedIn contacts to follow your company’s business page. To do this is simple: As an admin you may invite up to 100 of your 1st-degree LinkedIn connections to follow your company’s page per month.

    Invest in Advertising

    Back in the early days of social media, the engagement landscape looked quite different than it does today. Any user could share content with the possibility of an extensive reach. However, over the past decade and a half or so, social media companies have wised up and monetized their platforms through advertising. In 2022, business owners need to accept that they made need to spend marketing dollars to gain momentum in the digital space. Whether that means boosting Instagram posts or buying Google ads — or both! — a digital advertising budget can go a long way.

    Beyond AUM Can Help

    Our team knows content. We understand that every touchpoint matters in the digital space and we can help you put your best digital foot forward. At Beyond AUM, our solutions increase your firm’s credibility online, build visibility for your advisors, compel leads and prospects to take action, and enhance your relationships. If you need help incorporating a content strategy into your marketing plan, we’re here to help. Get in touch!