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    30 Tips for Today’s Financial Advisor: Tip 25

    It may seem impossible setting goals in the midst of a pandemic (and the internet has been filled with memes about how difficult it has been making concrete plans in 2020), but there are things still in your control. Career Contessa provides a few tips to make goal-setting more manageable during this time of uncertainty. For instance, separate your goals into little, medium, and big-sized goals. It’s important for the little goals to bring you a sense of accomplishment and achievement, and so pick activities that have an end result that you can measure and define as success.


    Today’s Tip: Revisit Your Goals

    Tip #25: We’ve written on the blog before about the importance of goal-setting. But just as important is revisiting your goals. See what goals you set for 2020 and determine which ones need to be changed so you can stay on track with your personal and professional growth.

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