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    Time saving strategies for winning content

    Time-Saving Strategies to Generate Winning Content

    Without quality content, you can’t have an effective digital marketing strategy.

    The right keywords, quality backlinks, and high SERP rankings can all drive traffic to your site. But the only way you will keep visitors on your site and convert them to clients is to give them quality content to consume.

    But creating useful, relevant content is time-consuming. That’s why you need to be sure that you’re producing the right content and making the most of what you produce.

    Let’s take a look at the importance of time-saving content strategies. After all, as a financial advisor, you want to spend more time helping your clients grow their assets while still enjoying a steady stream of new leads. Smart content strategies can help you win new clients and also spend more time in front of the clients you already have.

    Audit Your Content

    The first step is to audit your current content. This will help you see which types of content are having the most success and where there are content holes that need to be filled.

    To get started, gather your content. If you have a lot, you may want to focus on one area at a time. For example, you may want to focus only on blog posts, product descriptions, or publications. 

    For a small site, you may be able to create a backlog manually in a spreadsheet. To speed up the process or for a larger site, there are online tools you can use to categorize content according to your sitemap.

    With your content organized, it’s time to analyze the data. Then you can further categorize your content into these four categories:

    -Amazing content that works;

    -Old content that can be rewritten or updated;

    -Content that isn’t pulling its weight;

    -Gaps in your content.

    Assign one of these four action items to each piece of content — re-write, re-structure, update, or delete. This information becomes your roadmap to a more successful digital marketing strategy.

    Content Strategies 101: Reusing Great Content

    Instead of starting from scratch with a new piece of content, you can repurpose something that you already have. This can work in several ways.

    First, you can update an older piece that may have a good core message but uses outdated statistics or examples. Update the necessary parts and republish.

    Second, you can rewrite an underperforming piece. Before you begin, analyze why it isn’t getting the response you want. How is it different from your other content that is getting a good response? What information do you want to keep, and what should you cut?

    Third, you can take the same information and format it in different ways. For example, write an information-rich blog post talking about how to plan a budget. From that information, create an infographic that you can post on social media, linking back to the blog post.

    You can also create images, videos, and anything else that will draw the eye of your ideal client. Broadcast these pieces of content across different channels to gather more traffic to that blog post. Don’t forget to include a call to action (CTA) at the end of the post about how your firm can help the reader plan their financial strategy.

    Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    Your current and future clients are hungry for content, and if you want to continue down the path to growth, you have to give it to them.

    However, keeping up with the demand can feel overwhelming. Plus, the more time you spend creating content, the less time you have to be helping your clients — which is your main goal.

    Reusing great content and updating old content are strategic ways to reduce the time needed to produce content, while still reaping the rewards of an effective digital marketing strategy.

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