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    30 Tips for Today’s Financial Advisor: Tip 30

    2020 has been a year of immense change and revolution when it comes to social justice and activism. For our last tip in our “30 Tips for Today’s Financial Advisor” series, we recommend having the difficult but necessary conversations with your team, assessing what needs improvement, and planning a course of action for making change — such as improving representation on your team — and giving back to your community.


    Today’s Tip: Have the Difficult Conversations

    Tip #30:  So much of what you do as advisors exists outside of the numbers. Take this time to reach out to organizations and groups in your community or in our industry and find ways you can help. Engage your team in important conversations about diversity, inclusion, and representation.

    Being part of positive change will benefit future generations and go a long way toward creating environments that allow all of us to work, grow, and thrive.

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