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    Connecting Marketing to Your Client Experience Part 2: Embracing the COPE Method for Exceptional Results

    In the first part of this blog series, we discussed the transformation of marketing in today’s fast-paced world. It is no longer limited to attracting new clients; instead, it involves creating a seamless journey that connects with clients at every interaction point. By comprehending your clients’ motivations, tailoring your messages to their preferences, involving them in your processes, and consistently prioritizing their needs, you can establish a strong connection that fosters growth and unwavering loyalty.

    Moving on to part two, we’re delving deeper into the COPE method, an innovative approach that empowers financial advisors to optimize their return on investment through strategic alignment of their marketing endeavors, as well as exploring how to deliver an exceptional client experience by following a systematic approach. Let’s get started.

    COPE Philosophy: Amplifying Marketing Efforts

    As you can see in the graphic above, onboarding is placed at the center of the client journey. So how can financial advisors translate all of the work that comes before onboarding to all of the work that comes after?

    To bridge the gap between the various stages of the client journey, we at Beyond AUM follow the COPE philosophy. COPE, which stands for Create Once, Publish Everywhere, is a strategy that ensures your marketing efforts yield the maximum return on investment. But what does that mean exactly? It means that when we devise a marketing tactic, we always consider a “Yes, and” approach.

    “Yes, and” is a classic improv game that serves as more than just a fun exercise—it imparts a valuable lesson in collaboration and acceptance. In the realm of improvisational theater, “yes, and” encourages participants to embrace each other’s ideas, build upon them, and create a seamless flow of creativity. This concept, however, extends beyond the stage and finds its relevance in the world of marketing as well.

    In marketing, the traditional approach often involves generating an idea, executing it, and moving on to the next. However, by adopting the “Yes, and” mindset, businesses can transform their marketing efforts into a dynamic and iterative process. Instead of treating marketing ideas as isolated events, they can be seen as building blocks that can be expanded upon and applied to various stages of the client journey.

    Let’s explore an example to illustrate the concept further. During the consideration phase, it’s crucial to recognize that prospects seek assurance that their motivating factors will be addressed. They turn to blogs, whitepapers, and other resources to gather information and make informed decisions. Interestingly, these very resources also play a vital role in client retention under the education section. By leveraging the same resources for both attracting prospects and nurturing existing clients, you can maximize the return on investment from your marketing efforts.

    Similarly, when it comes to selecting a financial advisor, prospects often look for awards, rankings, and PR as indicators of credibility and expertise. However, these elements shouldn’t be limited to attracting new clients. Highlighting awards, rankings, and PR to your existing clients becomes equally important, as it not only reinforces their decision to choose your services but also helps increase referrals from satisfied clients who feel proud to be associated with your reputable brand.

    By recognizing the multifaceted value of resources and accolades, you can strategically incorporate them into both the attraction and retention sides of your marketing strategy. This comprehensive approach ensures that your marketing efforts not only attract new prospects but also cultivate lasting relationships with existing clients, ultimately driving sustainable business growth.

    Steps to Build an Exceptional Client Experience

    To create an exceptional client experience, it is essential to adopt a systematic approach. By following these five steps, you can cultivate a client experience that sets you apart from the competition:

    1. Emphasize Value and Education: Shift your perspective to focus on the value you offer. Clearly communicate the benefits you provide to clients and invest in educating them about relevant topics. By showcasing your expertise and demonstrating how you can help them achieve their goals, you effortlessly attract success.
    2. Recognize the Importance of Data: Leverage the power of data from various tools and platforms. By collecting and analyzing valuable insights, you gain a deeper understanding of your clients’ preferences, behaviors, and needs. This knowledge enables you to personalize your marketing efforts effectively, ensuring that your messages resonate with each individual client.
    3. Seek Client Input: Actively involve your clients in the process and make them feel like active partners. Encourage them to share their thoughts, ideas, and feedback. By valuing their input, you foster a sense of collaboration and co-creation, which leads to a deeper connection and an enhanced overall client experience. Remember, listening to your clients is key to meeting and exceeding their expectations.
    4. Train Your Team: Recognize that every team member has a role to play in shaping the client experience. Invest in training programs that equip your staff with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset to consistently deliver exceptional service. Empower them to engage with clients proactively, solve problems, and provide personalized attention. A well-trained team enhances trust, loyalty, and client satisfaction.
    5. Implement Automation: Leverage technology and automation tools, such as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, to streamline and support a great client experience. Automate routine tasks, workflows, and communication processes to ensure consistency and efficiency. Use the data you have gathered to personalize communication, deliver timely updates, and demonstrate that you value your clients’ time and preferences.

    By following these steps, you can create a client experience that goes above and beyond expectations. A systematic approach that emphasizes value, leverages data, involves clients, empowers your team, and implements automation will help you build long-lasting relationships, foster client loyalty, and drive sustainable business growth.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, creating a seamless and exceptional client experience is crucial for the success and growth of financial advisors and RIAs. By adopting the “Yes, and” mentality and implementing the COPE philosophy, businesses can maximize the return on investment for their marketing efforts. This approach transforms marketing into a dynamic and iterative process, where ideas are continuously built upon and applied throughout the client journey.

    Furthermore, by emphasizing value and education, harnessing the power of data, seeking client input, training your team, and implementing automation, you can create a systematic approach to deliver an exceptional client experience.

    If you’re looking for expert guidance in connecting marketing to your client experience, we invite you to get in touch with our team. As a specialized digital marketing agency, Beyond AUM understands the unique challenges faced by financial advisors and RIAs. With our tailored marketing strategies and extensive industry knowledge, Beyond AUM can help you optimize your marketing efforts and create a seamless journey that connects with your clients at every interaction point. Contact our team today and take the first step towards enhancing your client experience and driving sustainable business growth.