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    30 Tips for Today’s Financial Advisor: Tip 4

    Today’s tip is about centers of influence (COIs) — in other words, “someone who can have a positive impact on your business by providing introductions to new potential clients, networking opportunities, and word of mouth,” as describes.


    Today’s Tip: Build a Mutually Beneficial Relationship With Centers of Influence

    Tip #4: Seek win-win agreements with COIs that are mutually beneficial and satisfying. A successful COI relationship is never a one-way street.

    COIs can be extremely helpful right now as we deal with the COVID-19 crisis. When we all work together and elevate each other, great things can happen.

    As Beyond AUM co-founder Gretchen Halpin recently wrote in Advisor Perspectives, “Contact your centers of influence and brainstorm ways you can band together to help your mutual clients navigate the weeks ahead. Emphasize the value of your service and expertise and use it to create positive change.”

    If you want to learn more about cultivating meaningful COI relationships during this uncertain, and sometimes isolating, time period of working from home, reach out to us today.