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    30 Tips for Today’s Financial Advisor: Tip 5

    We’re back with our “30 Tips for Today’s Financial Advisor” series. Today’s tip is about the importance of dedicating time and energy toward professional development.

    Right now, as it seems to take a Herculean effort to think about anything not related to COVID-19, working on “professional development” can seem like a tall order. So that’s why today’s tip is to reach out to a mentor and have a conversation. Just take that first step.


    Today’s Tip: Grow Your Career With the Help of a Mentor

    Tip #5: Check in with your mentor. Don’t have one? Check in with an experienced advisor and share a (virtual) coffee.

    Go into the meeting prepared with topics you want to discuss and schedule your next meetup before the meeting ends.

    We’ll be back tomorrow with our next blog post. Have any questions about marketing, growth, or professional development? Reach out to us today.